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There is not a lot known about the family of the first owner of this heritage miner’s cottage. We have found in our research that it was built in the late 1890’s and the stone was ‘left over’ from the first mine opened up here. The stones were not cut to size, just used as they were and stuck together on top of each other with the ‘concrete’ of the time. The cottage is basically original, even the tin roof hasn’t been renewed, but the bathroom, laundry (which were added around 1940), have been ‘modernized’, but not at the expense of the history or ambience of the original home. Because the cottage was built of stone, the cottage is cool in summer and when you warm it up in winter, it retains the heat.

Broken Hill Town HallA Polish father brought his family here in the 1880’s, but we haven’t found his name on any of the Lands Department documents to date . Land here was not owned outright but leased from the Government, however in the last two years we have been able to buy the land titles from the Government. (However we still do not own what’s under it unfortunately!)

The miner bought this block and the block either side, for four pounds, three shillings, and nine pence, and built this house, then the house on either side much later for his children when they were to be married - that’s why the three houses are so close together – they belonged to one family. ‘A Miner’s Rest’ was the first house in Piper St, and is one hundred and eighteen years old.

Upon the death of the parents, the houses were sold and this cottage was bought by, William Henry Blake (1920’s to 1940’s), then Hector and Vera Brown, (1940’s to 1974), followed by Pamela Norris (1974 to 2002) and then we bought the cottage for our daughter to live in while she worked up at the Hospital for a few years. So as you can see, this cottage has an special history all of its own.

Just as a matter of interest………….If you hear an explosion or feel the house shake a bit just before 7am and 7pm each day, it is not your imagination, it’s just the mine below BH blasting, ready for the next shift’s mining activities.

Thank you for staying with us, and we hope you have a wonderful time in BH!

Karyl & Henry

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Guest Reviews

The Sydney Morning Herald where journalist Bruce Elder called the cottage ‘A miner miracle.’
Good Weekends Away – which said ‘The experience of staying in this miner’s cottage is delightful’.


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